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How to Reveal a Family Secret

By Robyn Passante | Family Matters

Most families have a few skeletons in the closet. Here's how to know if you should divulge yours—plus the least painful ways to do it.

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What You Should Know About Sex After 50

By Sheryl Kraft | Dating & Marriage & Sex

It's not all downhill after 50, but sex does change with age. How to make sure sex is enjoyable as ever—at any age.

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How to Cope with the Death of a Friend

By Sally Stich | Friendship

Getting older means not just parents pass away, but contemporaries too, which can be a huge loss in your life.

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Why Labeling People Doesn't Work

By Bev Beckham | Inspiring Stories & Wisdoms

Yes, labels tell you something about a person, but as columnist Bev Beckham explains, they're limiting, too—and miss so much.

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6 Fun Date Ideas Women And Men Will Love

By Jackie Dishner | Dating & Marriage & Sex

Take your relationship on an adventure with these fun date ideas you'll both enjoy.

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How to Find an Old Friend

By Bev Beckham | Friendship

Columnist Bev Beckham set out to track down her high school buddy, and came up with a practical guide for anyone looking for a friend, relative or just someone you're curious about from your past.

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How to Handle a Daughter-in-Law Who's a Bully

By Julie Weingarden Dubin | Mother-in-Law/Daughter-in-Law

How to stick up for yourself without losing your relationship with your grandkids.

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4 Reasons Women Get Married After 50

By Jackie Dishner | Dating & Marriage & Sex

Love? Been there, done that. At a certain age, is it okay to marry for (gasp!) money?

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10 Touching Soldier Homecoming Videos

By The Editors | Inspiring Stories & Wisdoms

Special moments you have to watch, celebrating Memorial Day and the troops we honor.

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10 Things Everyone Should Do Before Turning 60

By Sally Stich | Inspiring Stories & Wisdoms

Every "decade" birthday is big, but turning 60 somehow feels... bigger. Checking off these goals will make the transition feel a whole lot smoother.

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