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When Your Grandbaby Isn't Adorable

Family Matters

No one likes to admit it, but sometimes grandkids don't turn out to be what we expected. It's okay. Here's how to handle your feelings.

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Fetus Appears to Clap Along to Mother's Singing

By The Editors | Inspiring Stories & Wisdoms

This baby is happy and she knows it. Watch as she shows it.

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How to Handle a Passive-Aggressive Daughter-in-Law

By Sally Stich | Mother-in-Law/Daughter-in-Law

She invites you to family events at the last minute, and leaves to do "important errands" whenever you come over. If this sounds familiar, here's how to deal.

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8 Dos and Don'ts of Dealing With a Grumpy Spouse

By Jessica Dysart | Dating & Marriage & Sex

When your spouse is upset, the bad mood can be infectious. Here’s how to deal, and strengthen your relationship.

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How to Handle 15 Difficult Behaviors

By Paula Spencer Scott, contributing editor | Caregiving

These behaviors can challenge any family caregiver.

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10 Signs It Might Be Time for Memory Care

By Melanie Haiken, Senior Editor | Caregiving

Dementia comes on gradually, and the signs can be missed or misunderstand. Here's what to watch out for to protect your loved one's safety.

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Creating an Alzheimer's Friendly Home: A Step-by-Step Guide

By Gilbert Guide, | Caregiving

Keep your solutions simple, re-evaluate as needed, and make sure that the changes you’ve made to the home really do work for your loved one.

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Nursing Home, Assisted Living, or Independent Living?

By Megan Kempston, staff editor | Caregiving

How to compare senior living options.

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11 Signs It Might Be Time for Assisted Living

By Paula Spencer Scott, contributing editor | Caregiving

Although every situation is different, these scenarios will give you valuable information to help make the decision.

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How to Have "The Talk" with Your Parents

By Paula Spencer Scott, contributing editor | Caregiving

Words to use — and avoid — when discussing tough issues.

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