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Tips for caring for children, from keeping the peace in sibling rivalry to avoiding the mistakes even good grandparents make.

7 Safety Rules All Kids Should Know

By Jessica Dysart | Caring For Children

These basics help kids protect themselves in scary situations.

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The #1 Thing That Ticks Off Your Daughter-in-Law

By Kristen Sturt | Caring For Children

When it comes to watching your grandkids, do you enforce her rules or pass the buck?

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10 Ways to Be the Best Babysitter

By Lisa Carpenter | Caring For Children

Before you assume babysitting duty, our columnist suggests you arm yourself with these tricks to make it a fun time for all.

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Reading Activities for a Rainy Day

By PBS Parents | Caring For Children

These literacy activities will keep your grandkids smiling 'till the sun comes out!

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Activities That Beat the Heat and Build Literacy

By PBS Parents | Caring For Children

Too hot for them to play outside? Build literacy and inspire reading with these indoor reading activities.

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Tip for Growing Bookworms: Visit Libraries and Bookstores

By PBS Parents | Caring For Children

Take your grandchildren to the library. It's the right place at the right time.

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Reading Activities at the Park

By PBS Parents | Caring For Children

Age-specific advice to help your grandkids learn-and love-to read! Even at the park!

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The 6 Best Ways To Praise a Grandchild

By Susan Newman, Ph.D. | Caring For Children

Experts today say encouragement is in, and non-stop praise is out

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Turn Sibling Rivals Into Friends

By Lambeth Hochwald | Caring For Children

4 ways to stop the fighting, and teach kids how to get along.

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Are Your Grandkids Ready to Stay Home Alone?

By Lori Marshall | Caring For Children

When can kids look after themselves? Lori Marshall seeks an answer.

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