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Stories and advice on how to keep your marriage and sex life new and exciting. Read about finding love later in life and tips for dating after 50.

6 Secrets of Couples Who Stay Together

By Jessica Dysart | Dating & Marriage & Sex

Maximize your happiness and strengthen your bond with these smart relationship tips.

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Who's More Likely to Cheat in a Marriage?

By Sara Schwartz | Dating & Marriage & Sex

A new study reveals that a certain economic scenario gives some married people the irrepressible urge to stray.

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Don’t Let ‘Chemistry’ Fool You in Later Life

By Jed Diamond, Ph.D., Next Avenue | Dating & Marriage & Sex

Take it from this therapist — it's not always love at first sight

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The Best Way to Fight With Your Spouse

By Ellen Breslau | Dating & Marriage & Sex

Follow these rules and every argument doesn't have to be a major ordeal.

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When You Want Sex and Your Partner Doesn't

By Emily Gurnon, Next Avenue | Dating & Marriage & Sex

Ways to keep sexual conflict from jeopardizing your relationship

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7 Questions to Ask Your Spouse Right Now

By Kristen Sturt | Dating & Marriage & Sex

Long-term couples often wait too long to talk about crucial relationship, money, and retirement issues. Don't put off these conversations any longer.

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Seniors, Sex, & STDs

By The Editors | Dating & Marriage & Sex

Ann Abernethy of the American Grandparents Association discusses older adults and sex with CBS 5 Arizona.

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8 Signs Your Child Picked a Good Spouse

By Sally Stich | Dating & Marriage & Sex

You don’t have to be wild about your son/daughter-in-law, but if he or she has these positive qualities, stop complaining, chances are your child's marriage is a happy one.

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The Truth About Men, Women & Remarriage

By Robyn Passante | Dating & Marriage & Sex

When it comes to marrying again, men and women differ in a lot of ways. Find out how, plus tips on making a new marriage successful.

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8 Creative, Romantic Anniversary Ideas

By Sally Stich | Dating & Marriage & Sex

Whether you’ve been married five years or fifty, ideas for romantic plans abound.

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