How Grandparents Can Help Single Parents

Raising kids alone can be a tough task. Beyond babysitting, here’s how you can pitch in.

By Jennifer Geddes
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Such great ideas, in my opinion!... unless the parent really doesn't want the help you're offering, already has it covered by someone else. I think advice like this also needs to come with the reminder to accept it graciously if the parent declines the offer. Maybe that should be a no-brainer, but I know of some well-meaning grandparents who repeat their offers incessantly.

It also helps, I think, if you (general) are attuned to how the parent tends to "hear" things. Unfortunately, some people have a tendency to interpret offers as implied criticisms. Especially if it comes from their own parent (or parent-in-law) and even more especially if they've had disagreements about the issue b4. Example: "When can I pull those weeds for you?" may sound to them like, "Why haven't you pulled those weeds yet?" Even though that's not at all what you intended. If you make that kind of offer, hopefully, the parent will be delighted to take you up on it! But if they refuse it and/or react badly, I hope we all can find it within us to back off.

rosered135 on 2013-10-13 18:12:52

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