10 Reasons To Be Glad You're the Grandparent

Being a parent was great, but being a grandparent is a lot easier.

By Adair Lara
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Delightful article! And very true, I think!

But not all of it is as true for those GPs who are the regular caregiver for their grands. For example, as my grandkids "granny nanny," I sometimes have to make their lunches (depending on my daughter's/their mom's schedule). And I take them to and from school on certain days, as well as watching them after school often. So, as much fun as I have w/ them, it is also, in a sense, a "job."

This is even more true, of course, for those GPs who, unfortunately, end up raising their grands for one sad reason or another. So much love and joy - but they are taking on the role of parents.

Granted, I know, this article is not about those situations.

rosered135 on 2015-08-11 10:36:47

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