94-Year-Old Great-Grandmother Graduates College With 4.0 GPA

This senior scholar says, "I couldn't just sit around and watch Netflix."

By The Editors

Amy Craton, 94, can proudly say she's earned a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and English from the Southern New Hampshire University. Amy first went to college in 1962, but had to leave school to care for her four children. More than 54 years later, she's a college graduate with no intention on stopping.

"It feels good to finish that part of my life," Amy told NH1.com reporters, "but I feel like I'm still on a roll. I have more to learn."

Amy plans to pursure her master's degree. She's hoping to have write children's books.

Click here to see her advice for seniors pursing their education. 



hope she gets started writing those books!

lizasnan on 2017-02-16 07:44:55

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