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9 YouTube Channels You Should Watch

By Jessica Dysart | Entertainment & Books

From educational and interesting, to plain old funny, these YouTube channels should be added to your watch list now.

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Lesley Stahl: The Benefits of Being a Grandma

By Ellen Breslau | Entertainment & Books

In her new book, Becoming Grandma, the "60 Minutes" correspondent uncovers the positive ways grandparenting has affected her, and others.

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10 Coloring Books for Adults

By Kristen Sturt | Entertainment & Books

Relaxing, thrifty, and creative, adult coloring books are the latest craze. Learn why, and discover the best books to get started with.

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10 Great Movies for Grown-Ups

By Kristen Sturt | Entertainment & Books

If you've ever wondered why they don't make films for you, worry no longer. These 10 movies are smart, funny, and aimed squarely at Boomers.

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10 Best Modern TV Moms

By Kristen Sturt | Entertainment & Books

Behold! The greatest TV moms from the 1990s through today. June Cleaver, eat your heart out.

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10 Classic Novels You Can Read in a Weekend

By Sloane Tanen | Entertainment & Books

Some classic books are dense, yet worthy slogs—and others are literary delights you can cross off your list in an afternoon or two.

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Come Visit Us in Arizona

Entertainment & Books

The American Grandparents Association is hosting live events near you!

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10 TV Shows to Binge-Watch This Winter

By Kristen Sturt | Entertainment & Books

Why wait for your favorite series, when you can binge watch these 10 superlative shows all at once?

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14 Best Books About War

By Deborah Long | Entertainment & Books

These stand out favorites give a real glimpse into WWI, WWII, Vietnam, and beyond.

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14 Fun Gift Ideas for the Difficult-to-Buy-for

By Cass Colin | Entertainment & Books

Struggling with what to give your new daughter-in-law or coworker? Trust our gift guide to impress - nary a generic gift card in sight.

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