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Discover new, fun ways to spend your free time, including scrapbooking and crafting galore.

What’s Your Childhood Stuff Worth?

By Richard Chin, Next Avenue | Hobbies

Antiques Roadshow's special 'Boomer Years' program gave some numbers

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Your Wine-Buying Cheat Sheet

By Ellen Breslau | Hobbies

Can't remember the difference between Moscato and Malbec? No worries! Print out this cheat sheet for your next trip to the wine store.

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How to Buy Good Wine at Cheap Prices

By Ellen Breslau | Hobbies

Always overwhelmed when you’re at the supermarket or liquor store? Use our helpful cheat-sheet to find wine that tastes good—at a reasonable price.

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6 Gambling Tips to Help You Win Big

By Jessica Dysart | Hobbies

Gaming strategies and general advice to help you cash in at casinos

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7 Questions to Help You Write Your Memoir

By Bart Astor, Next Avenue | Hobbies

Feel intimidated about writing your (or a family member's) life story? It's easy when you start small and ask the right questions.

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Spend Less on Your Hobbies

By Daisy Chan | Hobbies

How to do the activities you love, for a fraction of the cost.

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Scrapbooking 101: Tools and Tips to Get Started

By Margaret Bristol | Hobbies

Create beautiful keepsakes and preserve your favorite photos and mementos with this fun craft project.

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Preparing a Crafting Pantry

By Leslie Frederick | Hobbies

The freedom to craft without going to the store means more time together.

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Superstar Athletes Over 60

By Gabrielle Karol | Hobbies

The focus right now might be on the Olympians in London, but these older athletes have accomplished amazing feats.

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12 Things to Do in August


End of summer is a great time to do some exploring — with and without your grandkids. Here's our list to get you started

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