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The 7 Most Common Internet Security Mistakes

By Matthew Scholle, Bask Tech Expert | Technology

Protect your identity and personal information by avoiding these password, virus, and privacy pitfalls.

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7 Road-Trip Apps for Easier Travel

By Jessica Dysart | Technology

Perfectly plan your next road trip with the help of these cool (and free) apps. Search for these in the App Store on your phone to get started.

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7 New Ways to Sell Your Stuff Online

By Debra Karplus, The Dollar Stretcher | Technology

Ebay isn't the only way to get cash for your old or unused belongings.

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10 Must-Have Apps for Your Phone

By Gary M. Kaye, Chief Content Officer Tech50+ | Technology

Out of millions of smartphone apps, how do you pick the best? After years of trial and error, here are the ones that should be on everyone's phones.

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The Right Way to Clean Your Computer, Cell Phone & Other Electronics

By Ellen Breslau | Technology

Hint: If you're using household wipes or spraying cleanser directly onto anything electronic, you're doing it all wrong.

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7 Things That Make Your Smartphone Battery Die

By Jessica Dysart | Technology

Dreading the "low battery" alert? Find out what makes your smartphone battery die, and how you can make it last longer.

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12 Amazing New Gadgets You Didn't Know Existed

By Cass Colin | Technology

Remote control coffee, in-home dry cleaning & more of the coolest new technology on the market.

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10 Free Things on the Internet

By Jessica Dysart | Technology

Some things in life really are free. Take advantage of these freebies from all over the Internet.

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9 Best, Free Puzzle Websites

By Jessica Dysart | Technology

Enjoy endless hours of fun while training your brain with these fun puzzle websites - all for free!

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6 New Internet Scams You Shouldn't Fall For

By Michael Pomranz | Technology

Surprising new ways Internet hackers are trying to crack your computer and invade your online privacy.

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