Grand Inspirations - Tim Daly

By The Editors

Actor Tim Daly’s grandmother may have been a quiet woman, but underneath that tranquility lay a secret: She was a talented pianist. Now, the Creative Coalition President looks to her for inspiration, and thanks her for letting him know that everyone carries a little bit of art in them. What matters is how and when you choose to express it.


Tim Daly's video, like a number of these, provides another example of how a grandparent can influence a grandchild in a beautiful and meaningful way, w/o crossing parental boundaries. Talk about inspiring!

rosered135 on 2012-09-26 02:41:25

Cheryl Hines video is inded an inspiration; however, when I clicked on other people to get their ideas, it just goes back to Ms Hines. Thanks for great ideas, articles , and recipes.

anonymous on 2012-09-08 12:21:29

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