How To Play Seven Up

Also known as Heads Up, Thumbs Up. Guess the person who pressed down your thumb – you can point with your index finger.

By Zachary Collinger

In its truest sense, the game demands 14 players, but amendments can be made for fewer.

game play
The game starts with a selection of seven players at random, all of whom begin at the front of the room. The remaining players, seated at a table, have to put their, "Heads down, thumbs up!" The chosen seven players disperse throughout the room passing stealthily among the silent, heads-down players, secretly pressing down one thumb of a player of their choosing and returning to the front of the room. Once all seven have picked a player and pressed down his thumb, each player at the table guesses the person they think pressed his thumb.

The picking players must try to stump the opposing players by selecting them anonymously — the more surreptitious, the better. The players picked must use their skills of perception to accurately guess the identity of the player who picked them.

how to catch cheaters
Cheating in this game can occur on both sides of the competition — some of the thumb-pressers pick more than one person. Conversely, the heads-downers try to be sneaky by looking at the shoes of the person who picked them. Keep a watchful eye on those swindlers!

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