Summer Camp Activities In Your Own Backyard

Use these hands-on ideas to create the ideal summer camp for your grandchildren.

By Deborah Long
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Lots of fun ideas in here, IMO! Though I have no need to be the "favorite grandparent" (just a GP who is loved and enjoyed is fine with me!), I'm going to try some of them and, of course, have done a few others ( my grandkids love when we play hide-and-seek, among other things). I don't know how good I'd be with camping out but taking the kids out to look at the stars, for a while, is something I know both my husband and I would enjoy. And I'm not too fond of puddle-jumping (I realize most kids enjoy it) or playing in the mud. But even if I were, I'd check with the parents first, to make sure it was ok with them, too. But as long as the parents are cool with them, I think most of these suggestions sound like a "go."

rosered135 on 2013-06-25 00:11:11

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