Wine Glass Planter Craft

This simple and quick wine glass craft features beautiful, easy-to-care-for succulents. It makes a great Mother's Day gift or party favor!

By Kristen Sturt

These could be the simplest, most rewarding craft we’ve ever done for Most of the supplies can be purchased at a craft or home improvement store, and, being succulents, the plants themselves need little-to-no care. A perfect project for moms, grandmas, heck—anyone who could use a little greenery in her life.

4 wine glasses
4 small succulent plants (depending on size)
1 bag small rocks (available at craft stores)
Potting soil
Plastic spoon (instead of trowel)

1. Add about 1 inch of stones to each glass.

2. Add 1-2 inches of potting soil on top of stones

3. Make groves in middle of soil. Place succulents in groove and cover roots with dirt.

4. Add a few stones on top for looks and enjoy!


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