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Let the fun begin! Share these activities, games, and crafts with your grandkids on rainy days, sunny days, and any other occasion.

Weekend Project: Make Your Own Salt Crystal Tree

By Jim Noonan | Activities, Games & Crafts

With just a handful of household ingredients and a little time, you can make your own salt crystal tree!

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13 Great Family Websites

By Kristen Sturt | Activities, Games & Crafts

Guaranteed to entertain the kids (and yourself).

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Great Outdoor Activities for Kids in the Winter

By Beth D’Addono | Activities, Games & Crafts

Gear up for winter play!

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Make Your Own Art Supplies

By Emily Miranda | Activities, Games & Crafts

You can create clay, paint, chalk, and even give new life to broken crayons

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7 Ways To Stay Active Indoors

By Winnie Yu | Activities, Games & Crafts

Don't let the cold weather stop you from getting kids moving.

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6 Secret Codes You Can Teach Kids

By Kristen Sturt | Activities, Games & Crafts

Turn your grandchildren into spy kids with these super fun, top-secret codes.

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10 LEGO® Activities That Build Creativity

Activities, Games & Crafts

Want to bond with your grandkids and leave technology out of it? Build memories and creativity with these simple LEGO® DUPLO®-based activities.

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Make Your Own Paper:
Professor Figgy's Step-By-Step Guide

By Jim Noonan | Activities, Games & Crafts

With just a few ingredients and a bit of patience, you, too, can make your own paper!

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13 Craft Supplies to Keep on Hand

By Ashley Little | Activities, Games & Crafts

When your grandchildren want to get crafty, think beyond scissors and glue.

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Got a Dollar Bill? Impress Your Grandkids!

By Stewart Coerver | Activities, Games & Crafts

Get together with the grandkids and explore the history and the mysteries of the dollar bill.

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