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Let the fun begin! Share these activities, games, and crafts with your grandkids on rainy days, sunny days, and any other occasion.

12 Silly Tongue Twisters to Try Telling

By Zachary Collinger | Activities, Games & Crafts

You and the kids will love trying to wrap your mouths (and brains) around these funny phrases.

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12 Classic Hand Games for Kids

By Stewart Coerver | Activities, Games & Crafts

Kids still love games like Miss Mary Mack, thumb wrestling, and more.

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Construct a Wind-Powered Boat

By Lisa Freedman | Activities, Games & Crafts

Learn how to make a toy sailboat the easy way.

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Pinecone Bird Treat

By Sandy Mitchell | Activities, Games & Crafts

Using a pine cone and just a few materials, you can make a treat for birds.

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Lemon Lip Gloss

By Lisa Freedman | Activities, Games & Crafts

This sweet lip gloss is fun to make and wear!

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Paper-Decorated Vase

By Design Team | Activities, Games & Crafts

Decorate a vase and fill it with beautiful blooms.

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Magnetic Picture Frame

By Design Team | Activities, Games & Crafts

Make a copy of a favorite picture and create this craft to display it.

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Paper Crafts

Activities, Games & Crafts

Just add paper to make these projects fabulous and fun.

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12 Expressions You Can Teach Kids

By Gary Drevitch | Activities, Games & Crafts

Why do we keep up with the Joneses? We've got the stories behind 12 common expressions.

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Cookware as Playthings for Toddlers

By Felisa Billet | Activities, Games & Crafts

Playing with your food is so passe. Instead, try having fun with a nutcracker.

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