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Let the fun begin! Share these activities, games, and crafts with your grandkids on rainy days, sunny days, and any other occasion.

Lemon Lip Gloss

By Lisa Freedman | Activities, Games & Crafts

This sweet lip gloss is fun to make and wear!

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Paper-Decorated Vase

By Design Team | Activities, Games & Crafts

Decorate a vase and fill it with beautiful blooms.

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Magnetic Picture Frame

By Design Team | Activities, Games & Crafts

Make a copy of a favorite picture and create this craft to display it.

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Paper Crafts

Activities, Games & Crafts

Just add paper to make these projects fabulous and fun.

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12 Expressions You Can Teach Kids

By Gary Drevitch | Activities, Games & Crafts

Why do we keep up with the Joneses? We've got the stories behind 12 common expressions.

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Cookware as Playthings for Toddlers

By Felisa Billet | Activities, Games & Crafts

Playing with your food is so passe. Instead, try having fun with a nutcracker.

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10 Essentials Just for Fun

By Paul Rogers | Activities, Games & Crafts

Are the kids on their way? Plan some of these classic activities to ensure a fun visit.

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Give Your Grandkids the World

By Kimberly Pfaff Tchang | Activities, Games & Crafts

Explore diverse cultures without ever leaving home.

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Activities, Games & Crafts

Learning to count is two, three, and even four times as much fun when you color. To print all the numbers, click here: Print all numbers coloring pages ».

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9 Classic Rhymes You Can Teach Kids

By The Editors | Activities, Games & Crafts

These classic word games will get children laughing (and learning)

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