Birthday Kids Photo Contest

From candles to cake and balloons, your grandkids' birthdays are the best.

By The Editors
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Birthdays are prime picture-taking time. Think your grandkids have the cutest birthday celebrations of all? Submit a birthday photo and you could win them an awesome gift: Play-Doh's new Frosting Fun Bakery playset!

Contest Information:

  • Photos that don't conform to the "birthday" theme or that we deem inappropriate will be deleted
  • Limit one (1) photo submission per person — so make sure your photo is in focus!
  • Photo files will upload properly if they end in .jpg or .png
  • Contest ends at 11:59pm on Thursday, March 28
play doh frosting fun bakery
Play-Doh Frosting Fun Bakery Playset

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Prize: Now kid cooks age 3 and up can create amazing-looking Play-Doh cakes and cupcakes with realistic frosting-like details! Set includes playset, two-piece extruder, cake stand, turntable, display dome, four cake cutters, two cans of Play-Doh Brand Modeling Compound, two cans of Play-Doh Plus compound, and more.

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Okay, so where do I click to enter this? Help, please,

gladlerfox on 2015-03-22 21:40:19

Hi debsandlin - I didn't receive your email. I'm so sorry this isn't working! Maybe try again, cutting and pasting this email address:

KrisFood on 2013-03-20 08:32:36

I send you a photo thru email that you asked me to do and still don't see it posted. Caption should read on the photo " WOW, It's my Birthday !! "

debsandlin on 2013-03-19 21:54:48

Caleb was the happiest one year old on the planet.... He loved it when we all sang H.B. to him! on 2013-03-15 01:15:44

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