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Fun ideas and tips to get the most out of your relationship with your grandkids.

8 Things No One Tells You About Being a Grandparent

By Adair Lara | You & Your Grandkids

It's one of the most rewarding and happy relationships you'll ever have, but there are definitely challenges, too.

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Top 6 Grandparent Guilt Trips—And How to Overcome Them

By Lisa Carpenter | You & Your Grandkids

Along with all the wonderful feelings that come with being a grandparent, occasional guilt is pretty common, too.

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6 Worst Lies You Can Tell Your Grandkids

By Caila Ball | You & Your Grandkids

For a healthier relationship with your grandkids, avoid telling damaging fibs on the following topics.

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LEGO® Master Builder Q&A: "What are some tips for playing with younger grandchildren?"

By Dan Steininger | You & Your Grandkids

LEGO Master Builder Dan Steininger offers his tips for creative play ideas with young grandkids.

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6 Family Stories to Tell Your Grandchildren Again and Again

By Lisa Carpenter | You & Your Grandkids

Next time your grandchild requests a story, share a personal tale from the heart.

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How to Be the Favorite Grandparent: A Cheater's Guide

By Deborah Long and Kristen Sturt | You & Your Grandkids

Follow this advice to becoming your grandchildren's favorite grandparent, and you might become their favorite person, period.

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8 Great Ways To Surprise Your Grandkids

By Bethany Kandel | You & Your Grandkids

When they least expect it, make the kids' day with one of these creative ideas

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8 Tips for Grandparenting Unequally Gifted Kids

By Jeff Vrabel | You & Your Grandkids

How to navigate the uncomfortable notion that two grandchildren might be equally loved, but unequally gifted.

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Grandparenting Gear Essentials

By The Editors | You & Your Grandkids

Grandkids on their way to your house? Make sure you’ve got everything you need to take care of the little ones.

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8 Ways to Get Your Grandkids to Call More Often

By Lambeth Hochwald | You & Your Grandkids

Do you wish your grandkids would just pick up the phone and call you all the time? Follow these simple tips, and they just might.

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Compatibility Horoscope

How well do you get along with your grandchild and other family members? Want to know if your personalities mesh?

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