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6 Ways Gratitude Can Help You Live Longer

By Beth Levine | Health

Counting your blessings has been proven to help lower blood pressure, recover from illness and more.

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7 Stylish (Yet Sensible!) Winter Boots for Women

By Elizabeth Burns | Beauty & Style

Women's boots that balance comfort, style and warmth—without breaking the bank.

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9 Smart Ways to Protect Yourself from Falls This Winter

By Sheryl Kraft | Health

Don't let fear of slipping and hurting yourself keep you indoors.

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What Ear Wax Is & How to Clean the Build-Up

By Brain & Spine Team, Cleveland Clinic | Health

Careful with those cotton swabs and home remedies.

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8 Biggest Excuses That Kill Your Motivation to Exercise...

By Jackie Dishner | Exercise & De-stress

...and the easy 10-minute tips that will help you get started.

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5 Biggest Vision Questions, Answered

By Beth Levine | Health

Find out whether or not carrots really do improve vision, the best way to relieve dry eyes and more.

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Which Christmas Food Is Worse for You?

By The Editors | Diet & Nutrition

Christmas foods are notorious for adding inches to your waistline. These smart choices will lessen the impact without depriving you of holiday cheer.

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6 Little Habits That Boost Happiness

By Jessica Dysart | Emotional Wellbeing

Feel happier instantly with these little habits proven to lift your mood.

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8 Reasons You Get Dizzy

By Andrea Atkins | Health

It can be as minor as being dehydrated, or as major as a stroke. How to know when dizziness is serious.

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Shingles: What You Should Do If the Chicken Pox Virus Returns

By Chronic Conditions Team, Cleveland Clinic | Health

Why you might get this painful virus, plus how to treat the symptoms and relieve the itch.

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