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Shingles: What You Should Do If the Chicken Pox Virus Returns

By Chronic Conditions Team, Cleveland Clinic | Health

Why you might get this painful virus, plus how to treat the symptoms and relieve the itch.

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10 Foods Overweight People Eat Regularly

By Winnie Yu | Diet & Nutrition

Willpower is no match for these calorie-rich foods—and day by day, they can really pack on the pounds.

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6 Short Hairstyles That Won't Make You Look Old

By Dawn Wilder | Beauty & Style

Easy and chic, these cropped 'dos and styling tricks turn back the clock.

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Healthy Living Index: What Grandparents Can Teach Us About Our Health


Aetna teamed up with and asked our users about what it means to live a healthy life.

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8 Habits of Healthy Sleepers

By Mary Bolster | Health

What do people who get a good night's sleep do differently than you? Read on to find out their strategies that really work.

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5 Infectious Diseases That Are a Bigger Threat Than Ebola

By Andrea Atkins | Health

Ebola is the scary health buzzword of the moment—but these viruses and infections are actually far more dangerous.

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7 Tips to Get Maximum Benefits From Your Moisturizer

By Dawn Wilder | Beauty & Style

You might be surprised to learn that you could be moisturizing better—and get through the winter without chapped, dry skin.

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Top 5 Nutritional Deficiencies in People Over 50

By Lindsay Brustein Rosen, M.S., R.D. | Diet & Nutrition

Missing out on vital nutrients can literally make you sick, from the common cold to heart disease & more.

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8 Best Hair Removal Methods, Explained

By Sara Schwartz | Beauty & Style

Hair sprouting up in the most mortifying places? Find out which removal methods are most effective.

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Outpatient Procedures: What You Should Know

By Beth Levine | Health

In and out procedures can save money, but as Joan Rivers' case shows, there's a lot to consider beforehand.

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