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The Obesity Paradox: Could Being Overweight Actually Help Your Health?

By Kristen Sturt | Health

Carrying around a few extra pounds might not be as bad as you think.

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Hormones & Menopause 101

By Andrea Atkins | Health

Is hormone replacement therapy safe, and other things you need to know in your 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond.

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6 Signs You're Not Dressing Your Age

By Beth Levine | Beauty & Style

When you wear clothing made for a different generation, you're making yourself look older.

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6 Signs You Should Eat More Protein

By Marisa Sandora | Diet & Nutrition

Experts say most people over 50 fall short of their protein requirements. Here's how you can tell if you need to eat more

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Meditation for Kids: How it Works in School, at Home, and Beyond

By Kristen Sturt | Kids Health & Wellbeing

Mindfulness practices and simple meditation techniques can help kids focus, relax, and excel in school.

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7 Must-Have Health Aides

By The Editors | Health

An easy way to contact 911 in an emergency, plus other gadgets that can help you solve health issues.

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Opioids and the Rising Death Rate of Middle-Aged Women

By Andrea Atkins | Health

If you think drug overdoses are the scourge of inner city “junkies,” think again.

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7 Things You Should and Shouldn't Put On Your Face

By Ellen Breslau | Beauty & Style

Are items like lemon juice and petroleum jelly really beneficial to your skin?

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Keep 'em Laughing: How Improv Comedy Helps the Older Brain

By Kristen Sturt | Anti-Aging

For seniors, improv comedy keeps minds flexible, creates social opportunities, and inspires pure joy.

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8 Beauty Tips from Celebs Over 50

By Jessica Dysart | Beauty & Style

From hairstyles to skincare, these famous ladies over 50 share their tips for staying radiant.

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