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The Zika Outbreak: 5 Things You Should Know

By Kristen Sturt | Health

Is it coming here? What are the signs? How do I protect myself? Get the lowdown on the symptoms, prevention, and path of Zika virus.

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6 Myths About Varicose Veins

By Beth Levine | Health

Crossing your legs isn't to blame, how to get rid of them, and more.

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4 Signs You Should Stop Coloring Your Hair

By Sara Schwartz | Beauty & Style

Once you start dyeing your hair to cover the grays, how do you know when enough is enough?

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The Surprising Benefits of Full-Fat Dairy

By Beth Howard | Health

Low-fat is always touted as being healthier, but new studies suggest otherwise.

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How to Avoid Hip Injuries After 50

By Linda Melone, CSCS, Next Avenue | Anti-Aging

Reduce your risk of fractures and pain with these tips

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Hepatitis C: What Baby Boomers Need to Know


Many people living with hepatitis C do not even know they are infected. Get the facts and protect yourself.

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10 Things Your Pharmacist Wants You to Know

By Frieda Wiley, Pharm D, RPh | Health

How to get the most out of prescription medication and over-the-counter products

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3 Surprising Things That Up Your Dementia Risk

By Beth Levine | Anti-Aging

Recent studies show a link between certain everyday medications and dementia risk.

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10 Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor

By Andrea Atkins | Health

With time in your doctor’s office limited, it’s never been more important to ask good questions that will help you get better health care.

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How to Recognize Mental Illness in Children and Teens

By Kristen Sturt | Kids Health & Wellbeing

Is it normal kid behavior, or is it something more serious? Learn the signs of mental illness and how to help.

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