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7 Reasons to Start Your Day with Lemon Water

By Roxanne B. Sukol, M.D., Cleveland Clinic | Health

A simple habit that yields big results.

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7 Biggest Cellulite Myths—And What You Can Do About It

By Sara Schwartz | Beauty & Style

Don't fall for phony remedies — here's what actually works to ditch the dimpling.

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7 Things You Shouldn't Say to Someone Who Has Cancer

By Ellen Breslau | Health

We all mean well, but some comments are better left unsaid, while others are most appreciated.

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5 Ways Caffeine Can Make Your Life Better

By Sara Schwartz | Health

Coffee is much more than a daily pick-me-up — the right amount can protect you from serious health problems.

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4 Myths About Brain Health and How to Stay Sharp

By Leslie Kernisan, M.D., Next Avenue | Anti-Aging

What your doctor may not know, but you should

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How to Better Manage Your Medication

By Jim Jones, President of Wellspring Benefits Group | Health

76% of people over 60 take two or more medications, but they're not always taking their meds correctly

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How to Spot the Signs of Developmental Disability in Children

By Kristen Sturt | Kids Health & Wellbeing

What to look out for and how to address ADHD, autism, and more.

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6 Mouth Exercises That Can Help You Snore Less

By Sara Schwartz | Health

Good news for snorers: A new study finds promising results using easy exercises you do with your tongue and mouth.

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Cut Wait Time at the Doctor: 8 Dos and Don'ts

By Kristen Sturt | Health

Kiss long delays goodbye with these expert tips on how to reduce wait time at your physician's office.

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What Are the Odds You'll Die in the Next Five Years?

By Sara Schwartz | Health

A new life expectancy test can tell you your chances with 80 percent accuracy.

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