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The Incredible Health Benefits of Vitamin D

By Deborah Long | Health

New research shows Vitamin D can impact Alzheimer's, diabetes, osterperosis and other illnesses. The question is: are you getting enough D?

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6 Food Cures That Really Work

By Jessica Dysart | Diet & Nutrition

If aches and pains have got you down, try one of these little-known food fixes for fast relief.

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4 Most Common Choking Hazards

By Winnie Yu | Health

Truth is, anyone can choke, even adults who have been eating solid foods for decades. Here's how to play it safe and prevent choking.

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8 Essential Health Checks for Women Over 50

By Beth Levine | Health

How to feel your best and keep your body its healthiest in your fifth decade and beyond.

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Your Grandkids Are Making Each Other Fat

By Andrea Atkins | Kids Health & Wellbeing

A new study finds that siblings are more influential than parents when it comes to body weight.

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7 Clothing Items That Flatter Every Body

By Elizabeth Burns | Beauty & Style

Not sure what to wear? These outfits, coats, and shoes make you look good in all the right places.

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The Health Risks of Sitting Too Much

By Beth Howard | Health

Just how bad is sitting for you? It can raise your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and lower your life expectancy by years, according to new research.

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Fixes for 6 Common Dental Problems for People Over 50

By Andrea Atkins | Health

As American adults hold onto their real teeth for longer and longer, more problems are likely to arise.

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Why We Get Headaches & How to Prevent Them

By Beth Levine | Health

The best ways to prevent migraines and common aches, plus signs that indicate your headache could be something worse.

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Should You Go Sugar Free?

By Sally Wadkya | Diet & Nutrition

Obesity is skyrocketing, diabetes is on the rise, and sugary products are everywhere. How bad is sugar for you really?

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