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The latest news and advice on how grandparents can stay healthy, eat well, and exercise right.

2 Minutes to a Better Day

By Sara Schwartz | Emotional Wellbeing

Be happier, feel energized, and find your focus with this easy four-step plan from motivational speaker Gabrielle Bernstein.

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5 Amazing Health Benefits of Spicy Foods

By Ellen Breslau | Diet & Nutrition

Just a little bit of heat in your diet can help prevent heart disease, increase weight loss, and more

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What Your Stomach Bacteria Can Tell You About Your Health

By Beth Howard | Health

The bacteria in your gut may be impacting your weight, your immune system, and your mood

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9 Easy Fitness Tests to Tell If You're in Good Shape

By Sara Schwartz | Exercise & De-stress

To figure out your fitness level, see if you can complete the following exercises.

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How to Go Gray: 10 Expert Tips

By Kristen Sturt | Beauty & Style

Are you ready to take the leap? Whether you're cutting, coloring, or letting your silvers come in naturally, our how-to-go-gray guide will help ease the transition.

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12 Skin Care Secrets of Real Women

By Deborah Long | Beauty & Style

We asked radiant grandmothers around the country for their best advice to keep skin glowing and wrinkle-free.

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The New Alzheimer's Breakthrough

By Andrea Atkins | Health

The biggest news in Alzheimer’s research has taken place in the smallest of places: a petri dish. And this discovery means researchers are steps closer to unraveling the disease.

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How to Beat Weight Gain After Menopause

By Holly L. Thacker, M.D., Cleveland Clinic | Health

Expert tips to fighting ‘menopot’ belly

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5 Vitamins You Should Probably Take Daily

By Beth Levine | Health

The real deal on what supplements you should – and should not – be taking for optimal health.

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9 Foods You Can Snack on Without Feeling Guilty

By Ellen Breslau | Diet & Nutrition

Before you reach for the potato chips or ice cream, consider these foods which are a whole lot better for you and won't pack on the pounds.

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