7 Secrets to the Haircut That Will Make You Look Younger

Don't you wish there were a magical haircut that instantly took a decade off your age? Follow these tips, and that's exactly what you'll get.

By Dawn Wilder
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I like her bangs, but the haircut is too short in my opinion. Who is the actress, please?? Bangs can hide a multitude of sins such as lines on the forehead and a prominent forehead. It beats spending money on Botox . You think ???

iriscooper on 2015-04-10 15:21:42

Picture number two out of ten seems like her hair is closer to shoulder length than collar-bone length. I like it though and the color. Iris

iriscooper on 2015-04-10 15:16:57

Hi everyone,

When I was young being a teenager and in my 20's, I had many "lines" given to me by the boys. Now that I am a senior I get the lines around my mouth and not via the "lines" I received from the guys in the day of Rock and Rock. LOL!! Iris

iriscooper on 2015-04-10 15:14:14

I need a complete makeover, lol

MaryWithrow1 on 2014-03-18 23:28:58

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