6 Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Coffee's reputation has been dragged through the mud, but the latest studies suggest that this drink can do wonders for your health.

By Ashley Neglia
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that's cute Froggman, I have 2 cups in the morning, one before I eat breakfast and one with breakfast. it's good to know that it is good for you I used to have a cup before i went to bed, didn't keep me from sleeping, fact is i think it helped me sleep. I do need my coffee in the morning or i dont do well at all. hip hip hip horray for coffee.

judydrysdale@yahoo.com on 2013-03-14 08:48:56

The only thing bad is that it affects my "Sleep Apnea", so Dr. told me "No more Caffeen, after 12 Noon", so I have adjusted to half a potr per day.

froggman on 2013-02-26 10:41:38

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