5 Foods That Improve Your Eyesight

Eating healthy diet can prolong your life and keep you healthy, but some vitamin-rich foods can actually improve eyesight.

By Hillary Glaser
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The only one of those I've ever heard of is carrots. I'll have to start eating more turkey though! I wish there was a way to reverse bad eyesight. I've had contacts or glasses since I was ten. http://www.studiooptics.net/our-optometrists.html

calvinjamesk@gmail.com on 2014-10-25 10:27:33

This sight has been helpful

cowgurl57@hotmail.com on 2013-08-11 06:52:03

i've read and enjoyed this 5 foods for eye sight article, it's very informitive. thank you

papasbigbaby@att.net on 2013-07-25 18:13:54