8 Ways to Relieve Knee Pain

Your knees are the most vulnerable joints in your body. Find out how to protect them from damage, whether you’ve got arthritis, bursitis, or torn cartilage.

By Linda Rodgers
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I have not played football, basketball, tennis, volleyball or any sports, since I was in college. I do however go up and down a ladder to reach merchandise daily at my job. Many people work on their feet all day every day and often injure their knees.

yvmora71@yahoo.com on 2013-03-26 12:59:11

Of course, the best way to eliminate knee pain is to stop doing the physical things that tear up the knee, like playing tennis, handball, football and basketball. If you're not too bright or you don't take to suggestions like an adult should, you will ignore these suggestions and continue to tear the hell out of your knees. Of course, there is no substitute for brain cells properly alligned with native intelligence. Better yet, remember what Forest Gump's mother said, "Stupid is as stupid does!"

dalehogue@juno.com on 2013-03-26 09:05:30

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