Your Grandparents Association Membership Benefits

Congratulations on signing up to’s American Grandparents Association (AGA), a non-political group dedicated to enhancing the lives of grandparents and their families. When you sign up on, you become a member of the AGA, and benefits include:

Benefit 1: Weekly newsletters

You’ll receive all the information you want to know—from the best ways to protect your knees, to cheapest places to retire, to haircuts that flatter—delivered right to your inbox.

Benefit 2: Discounts and deals

You’ve now got access to amazing discounts and fantastic giveaways on everything from clothing and eyewear to toys and travel, in our Grand Deals section. Learn more about Grand Deals here.

Benefit 3: Connection to other grandparents

Join in on the conversation in our Community section, where other grandparents just like you talk about issues that are on their mind: Mother-in-Law/Daughter-in-Law ups and downs, Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, Single Grandparents, and more. You’ll even have the opportunity to be chosen as a group moderator. Click here for the Community.

Benefit 4: Membership to the Grand Corps

Grand Corps is our volunteer group designed to mentor and give back. To find a volunteering activity through the Grand Corps, click here.

Benefit 5: Membership to the Advisory Council

By invitation only, this is for our most active members. As an advisory council member, you can play an integral part in what we publish on You’ll be asked your opinions on ideas and features, road-test products and you may even appear in stories.


About the American Grandparents Association: established the AGA to enhance the lives of grandparents and those around them. The AGA is a non‑political organization that provides tools to foster connections among grandparents, their children and grandchildren; promotes awareness of grandparents’ rights in the 50 states; creates awareness for and addresses issues facing grandparents raising grandchildren; and promotes charitable, educational, philanthropic and other causes.

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