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6 Last-Minute Tax Filing Mistakes

By Ellen Breslau | Family Finance

If you're like millions of other people and wait to do your taxes, make sure you avoid this common errors that could cost you.

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6 Ways to Get Help Paying Your Medical Bills

By Andrea Atkins | Family Finance

Don't get overwhelmed by unpaid medical bills—try these smart strategies to lower your balance.

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Retiring Soon? Here Are the 5 Things You Should Do First

By Kristen Sturt | Retirement

Confused about retiring? Don't panic. We asked 15 Certified Financial Planners about what to do before anything else.

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Identity Theft: How to Avoid Being a Victim

By Sara Schwartz | Family Finance

Identity theft is on the rise — are you doing everything you can to protect yourself?

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The Secret to Keeping Your Budget on Track

By Darlene Arechederra, | Saving & Investing

The best way to save money is often the simplest — this one involves positive reinforcement.

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Earn an Extra $20,000 or More in Social Security Benefits

By Brian Doherty | Retirement

It all depends on your age, and when you start taking benefits

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The #1 Thing Couples Should Know About Social Security

By Brian Doherty, Social Security expert | Retirement

Before you start claiming your benefits, think about how this decision will affect each one of you.

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Medicare 101: The Basics

By The Editors | Insurance Matters

Your first step to choosing a Medicare plan is knowing what your choices are.

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Your Common Medicare Questions Answered

By The Editors | Insurance Matters

Sort through the confusion and better understand your Medicare options with answers to these important questions.

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Why Your Social Security Statements Are Wrong

By Brian Doherty, Social Security expert | Retirement

Guess what? Your benefits checks may be higher than you think.

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