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Whether you're starting a new business, going back to school, or looking for the best jobs for seniors, we'll help you find the right option for you.

6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Going Back to School

By Kristen Sturt | Career

Whether you're rebooting your career or just want to learn something new, your answers to these questions will make your decisions much easier.

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6 Steps You Should Take If You've Lost Your Job

By Ellen Breslau | Career

If you find yourself unhappily unemployed, here's what you can do to move forward.

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Self-Imposed Age Discrimination: When You’re Your Worst Enemy

By Jason Dukes, Life Coach, Next Avenue | Career

This life coach says older job seekers and workers limit themselves

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Host a Home Party and Make Money

By Daisy Chan | Career

Remember the Tupperware lady? Now there are loads of direct-sales companies where you can earn a great income by selling products from home.

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How Long Will You Need to Keep Working?

By Richard Eisenberg, Next Avenue | Career

Ignore the gloom-and-doomers and make your own retirement forecast.

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What to Do When You Work for a Bully

By Nancy Collamer, Next Avenue | Career

If you've got a bad boss, take these smart steps to protect your job and health.

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How to Identify the One Thing You Were Born to Do

By Steve Olsher, Next Avenue | Career

The author of What Is Your What? says these three steps will reveal the real you.

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7 Rules for Quitting Your Job Gracefully

By Paul Bernard, Next Avenue | Career

Here are the best ways to leave on good terms — and avoid career suicide.

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10 Great Cities for Over-50 Job Seekers

By Kristen Sturt | Career

Boasting high job growth and low unemployment rates, these 10 small-to-huge cities mean great employment opportunities for Boomers.

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8 Resume Tips to Get Yours Noticed

By Jennifer Kelly Geddes | Career

The job market is tough right now, and employers are inundated with resumes. Pump up yours with these tips so your resume is the one on the top of the pile.

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