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Why Being Distracted at Work Is a Good Thing

By Phyllis Weiss Haserot, Next Avenue | Career

It may give you an edge over younger workers.

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6 Key Career Strategies for Women of a Certain Age

By Beverly Jones, Next Avenue | Career

Working past challenges can lead to resilience and renewal

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6 Tips for Working With Much Younger Colleagues

By Estelle Erasmus, Next Avenue | Career

Advice from a former "seasoned newbie" who's now a valued mentor

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How to Overcome What's Keeping You From Starting a Business

By Jessica Theifels, Next Avenue | Career

Advice for conquering five big obstacles for newbies.

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Ageism in America: Discrimination at Work

By Kristen Sturt | Career

Two out of three older workers report ageism at the office. Learn why, and what you can do to combat discrimination.

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6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Going Back to School

By Kristen Sturt | Career

Whether you're rebooting your career or just want to learn something new, your answers to these questions will make your decisions much easier.

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6 Steps You Should Take If You've Lost Your Job

By Ellen Breslau | Career

If you find yourself unhappily unemployed, here's what you can do to move forward.

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Self-Imposed Age Discrimination: When You’re Your Worst Enemy

By Jason Dukes, Life Coach, Next Avenue | Career

This life coach says older job seekers and workers limit themselves

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Host a Home Party and Make Money

By Daisy Chan | Career

Remember the Tupperware lady? Now there are loads of direct-sales companies where you can earn a great income by selling products from home.

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How Long Will You Need to Keep Working?

By Richard Eisenberg, Next Avenue | Career

Ignore the gloom-and-doomers and make your own retirement forecast.

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