Family Finance Top Stories

Grandparenting comes with a different set of financial goals and needs. Learn how to set—and keep—your family on the right financial track.

4 Consumer Scams to Avoid

By Caroline Mayer, Next Avenue | Family Finance

Fraudsters are dreaming up clever schemes on everything from Obamacare to vacation rentals

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How to Save Money on Food: 12 Best New Ways

By Kristen Sturt | Family Finance

Looking to cut your grocery spending? These clever tips and innovative strategies are guaranteed to save big bucks.

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7 Best Used Cars You Can Buy

By Sara Schwartz | Family Finance

Factoring price, style, and reliability, these are the top picks for pre-owned cars from an auto expert.

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When Retail Therapy Becomes a Shopping Addiction

By Jeff Vrabel | Family Finance

Compulsive shopping can be a destructive obsession -- learn the warning signs of this tricky behavioral addiction.

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5 Money Issues Families Never Talk About

By Richard Eisenberg | Family Finance

Avoiding sensitive issues can lead to big trouble down the line.

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10 Companies with Excellent Customer Service

By Christina Couch | Family Finance

With so many shopping options—online and in-store—customer service matters more than ever. Find out which brands do the most to keep you happy.

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8 Ways to Save Money on Movie Tickets

By Mary Hunt | Family Finance

Love the movies, but hate movie theater prices? Check out our expert tips for saving green at the silver screen.

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The Best Time to Buy Everything

By Kristen Sturt | Family Finance

Want to get the best deals? Plan them out. We found which months offer the steepest deals on appliances, food, housewares, and more.

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9 Ways to Turn Unwanted Gifts Into Cash...

By Gabrielle Karol | Family Finance

Got presents you don't really love? How to exchange them for cash, or something you really want.

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Columnists on Money & Gifts: Christmas

By The Editors | Family Finance

Wondering how to have the most fun with your funds this Christmas, without going into debt? Read on.

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