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Learn how to teach your grandchildren the value of a dollar with our expert advice about working, saving, and spending.

The Best Way to Leave Money to the Grandchildren

By Jennifer Kelly Geddes | Kids & Money

Giving kids and grandkids an inheritance brings a lot of questions with it. Here’s how to leave it—and take care yourself and your family.

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7 Weird College Scholarships & Monetary Awards

By Christina Couch | Kids & Money

GPAs and athletic prowess aside, these specialized awards reward students for their quirky interests & other non-traditional assets.

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10 Best (& Worst) College Degrees for Earning Potential

By Christina Couch | Kids & Money

Got grandchildren heading off to college? Set them up for success by sharing our job economy's top-earning majors right now.

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6 Gifts for Grandchildren That Increase in Value

By Christina Couch | Kids & Money

Instead of giving your grandkids toys, give them an investment in their future.

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Suze Orman Answers Kids' Tough Money Questions

By Andrea Atkins | Kids & Money

America's favorite financial expert gives her best advice for how to talk to kids about money.

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5 Ways to Teach Kids the Value of Money

By Bambi Holzer | Kids & Money

Plus: Field trips that boost their financial IQ.

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Are You a Summer Splurger?

By Jennifer Nycz-Conner | Kids & Money

Yes, you can have a ball with your grandchildren without breaking the bank.

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Sharing the Wealth With Your Grandchildren

By Christopher O'Connor | Kids & Money

You built your savings. Now the fun part: boosting your grandchildren's futures.

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Family Business I: Introducing The Grandchildren

By Francesca Di Meglio | Kids & Money

When it's time to let go of a family venture, will the kids be ready to step in?

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Should You Give the Kids Cash This Year?

By Jeremy Office | Kids & Money

Our financial expert says the lessons could be precious.

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