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Learn little and big ways to make the most of your money—from coupon tricks to simple investing techniques.

7 Best Coupon Apps Right Now

By Kristen Sturt | Saving & Investing

Save big bucks on groceries, restaurants, apparel, health, beauty, and more with these excellent, easy-to-use mobile phone apps.

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9 Ways to Get Top Dollar for Your Home

By Kim Moreau | Saving & Investing

Looking to sell your house? Before you do, check out these tips that can ensure it sells, and for potentially thousands of dollars more.

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27 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Saving Money

By Donna Freedman | Saving & Investing

Most of these money-saving tactics don’t hurt a bit. Some might even make you healthier.

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10 Best & Worst States for Taxpayers Over 50

By Christina Couch | Saving & Investing

States dramatically vary in how they treat income, property, sales, estate and inheritance tax—all of which can affect your retirement finances.

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6 Moments When We Spend Too Much Money

By Kristen Sturt | Saving & Investing

About to go overboard? Here's how to identify the problem, stop it, and save big bucks.

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10 Money Tips for People Over 50

By Richard Eisenberg, Next Avenue | Saving & Investing

Here's what you need to know about saving, spending and estate planning.

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6 Easy Ways to Save on Holiday Gifts

By Daisy Chan | Saving & Investing

Forget standing in line and running yourself ragged to find the best deals on holiday presents. Just use these tips instead.

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7 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money—Without Working

By Ashley Neglia | Saving & Investing

Who can't use a few extra dollars? These money-making ideas are simple and don't require too much of your time.

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Senior Discounts, All of Them

By Katie Askew | Saving & Investing

More than 50 deals you should be taking advantage of, from restaurants and airline tickets, to groceries and clothing.

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How Save Money on Cable and Internet

By Mercedes Cardona and Sara Schwartz | Saving & Investing

Finding inexpensive cable and internet access can lead to a network of savings.

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