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The American Grandparents Association (AGA), established by, is a non-political group dedicated to enhancing the lives of grandparents and their families. With nearly 2 million members, the AGA recognizes that grandparenting today is like at no other time in history. The AGA offers a host of services and discounts that help grandparents live their happiest, healthiest lives.

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Connect with Grandparents Like You - Join the Community section of, where you can talk to other grandparents about everything from dating and family relationships, to travel and recipes. Click here to join in on the conversation.

Discounts & Savings  - You’ve now got access to amazing discounts on everything from travel and health insurance, to toys and eyewear. Check out our Premium Benefits section.

Grand Giveaways - Take advantage of fantastic giveaways of items you'll love for you and your family. Check out the Grand Giveaways section.

Volunteering - As a member of the AGA, you become a member of the Grand Corps,’s volunteer community of grandparents. To find mentoring and service opportunities in your community, click here.

Grandparents’ Rights - Part of the mission of the AGA is to help grandparents who are physically removed from their grandchildren understand their legal rights. The AGA also helps grandparents caring for their grandchildren know their legal rights.

- For a state guide to grandparents’ rights click here.

- To read more about Grandparents’ Rightsclick here.

- To talk to other grandparents about Grandparents’ Rights, click here.

- To ask a question of our expert, Susan Hoffman, the creator and director of Advocates for Grandparent-Grandchild Connection, click here.

Activities To Do With Grandchildren - has a host of resources for you and your grandkids. For crafts to do together, click here. For activities including sleepover ideas, songs, games and more, click here.

Have a question about grandparenting or about the AGA? Send your question—whether it’s on resources for grandparents, family matters or legal issues—to

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