Addams Family Giveaway Winners Have an Eerily Good Time

Grandma's 116th birthday is cause for celebration

By Sherri Lerner

For the lucky winners of our Addams Family ticket giveaway who attended the star-studded Broadway show on March 30, feeling youthful was a piece of cake. It's hard not to when  Grandma Addams, played by the talented Jackie Hoffman, has asked you to help her celebrate her 116th birthday. Following the musical, also featuring Broadway and TV veterans Bebe Neuwirth and Roger Rees, the winners were invited upstairs to help Grandma blow out the candles on a sheet cake decorated with her image – and enjoy a piece themselves.

Click here to tell Grandma Addams what you think she should do on her birthday, and see how she responds! Benefits Club winners who attended, or who shared the tickets with friends and family, included:

Lisa Prusasky of Connecticut; Yolanda Pineda of Texas; Carole Sidell Maheras of Massachusetts (who gave the tickets to her grandchildren); Beverly Morris of New Jersey; and Abie and Ciara Sidell.

Congratulations to all our winners, and a belated happy birthday to Grandma Addams from all of us at!

If you'd like to take part in more giveaways, just join our Benefits Club. You can use the coupon code GRAND8 to claim your free one-year membership (a $19.50 value). There's no obligation, no credit card required, and no reason not to take advantage of our discounts, deals, and giveaways now!

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