Midori Bamboo Baby Gift Sets

By Phoebe Assenza

As new grandmothers, sisters Denise Harig and Deborah Bussell were inspired to make the world a little "greener" for their grandchildren, and began an environmentally responsible enterprise to do just that. These grandmothers of invention started Midori Bamboo, a line of baby clothes, blankets, and accessories made from sustainable bamboo fiber. Aside from being grown without pesticides, requiring no irrigation or replanting, and being naturally hypoallergenic, fabrics made from bamboo have a super-soft, cashmere-like feel you'll want for yourself as well as for the new baby in your life. The newborn outfits and accoutrements are available in pretty pink, chocolate, blue, and green hues like those of French macaroons. There are different gift sets available and all are packaged in a bamboo case — sure to wow everyone at the baby shower.


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