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Paper Crafts

Activities, Games & Crafts

Just add paper to make these projects fabulous and fun.

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Best Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

By Katie Askew | Holiday Activities & Crafts

Did Halloween "creep" up on you this year? Never fear—you can pull together one of these adorable kids' costumes in a flash!

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10 Artsy Rock Crafts for Kids

By Ashley Little | Activities, Games & Crafts

You’ll find almost everything you need for these projects in your craft supply stash -- and right outside your door

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5 Easy, Adorable Crafts to Make on Grandparents Day

By The Editors | Grandparents Day

Looking for a fun way to spend Grandparents Day? Gather your grandkids and make one of these cute keepsakes together.

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9 Inexpensive Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids

By Sara Schwartz | Holiday Activities & Crafts

Skip the same old cards and give kids these fun crafts for the sweetest Valentine's Day yet.

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Make Your Own Art Supplies

By Emily Miranda | Activities, Games & Crafts

You can create clay, paint, chalk, and even give new life to broken crayons

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13 Craft Supplies to Keep on Hand

By Ashley Little | Activities, Games & Crafts

When your grandchildren want to get crafty, think beyond scissors and glue.

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Pizza Box Solar Oven

By Sherri Lerner | Activities, Games & Crafts

Is the last slice gone? Then it's time to get cooking!

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12 Easy Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

By The Editors | Activities, Games & Crafts

Help them craft a special handmade gift for their mothers (or for you!) with our best-of crafts round-up.

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Easy Paper Ripple Frame

By Patricia Zapata | Activities, Games & Crafts

Decorate a favorite photo together with this attractive paper craft.

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