How to Downsize a Lifetime of Your Parents' Stuff

Wondering how to downsize 30 or 40 years of furniture, memorabilia, and more? Start with these ten important guidelines.

By Kristen Sturt
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Lots of good downsizing advice, here, I think! Picked up a couple of tips myself! But as long as I'm "of sound mind and body," I can't imagine wanting my adult daughters involved in the downsizing of my home. Oh, maybe, if it's a matter of moving out some things of theirs that are still in my house. And perhaps I'd need some help w/ some of the physical stuff (any heavy lifting, etc.). But other than that, my husband and I can take care of it ourselves. Don't want to burden our daughters w/ this job (though I know there will still be some more to do after we're gone or permanently in nursing homes - after all, we can't get rid of all our furniture, etc., lol, while we're living at home!) Don't want them trying to influence our decisions either, no matter how well-meaning. (And yes, we already know about the problem of selling brown furniture, etc.).

And most of the boomers I know would say the same. There must be some, I realize, who would need more help. But I think adult sons and daughters need to avoid assuming that this is the case.

rosered135 on 2016-01-11 21:57:09

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