5 Mistakes Even Good Grandparents Make

Despite the best intentions, no grandparent is perfect all the time.

By Jackie Albanese
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Great tips, IMO! Especially the one about maintaining the parents' rules for their kids. That's true for any grandparent, particularly when babysitting. But as the regular "nanny granny" to my 2 darling grands, I thinks it's even more important for GP (grandparent) caregivers to keep in mind. I know, firsthand, how blurry the lines can get between the roles of parent and GP when the GP is closely involved with the kids.

And BTW, if you were a member of Grandparents Caring for Grandkids on the old site and are looking for it here - no problem! We're in the Community section. Just scroll to the very top of the page and click on Community! Then click on Grandparenting and you'll find us! Looking forward to seeing you there! :- )

rosered135 on 2012-09-16 08:11:11

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