Tip for Growing Bookworms: Visit Libraries and Bookstores

Take your grandchildren to the library. It's the right place at the right time.

By PBS Parents

PBS Parents invited Jen Robinson, blogger and children’s book critic, to share her “Tips for Growing Bookworms.”  

Here are five of Jen’s top ten tips (translated for grandparents):

  1. Read aloud.
  2. Read the books your grandchildren read.
  3. Choose books your grandchildren enjoy.
  4. Make sure your grandchildren have books of their own.
  5. Visit libraries and bookstores.

Jen shared some of her thoughts with PBS Parents readers on the value of visiting libraries and bookstores.  Here’s an excerpt of her posting:


It would be impossible, not to mention incredibly wasteful, to try to buy copies of every book that might possibly work for your child. Libraries allow you to choose a variety of books on every visit, and to try books out before you buy the ones that your child really loves. This is a true gift. The library will have the big-name popular books, sure, but they'll also have books that you would never have heard of on your own. The array of choices can be dazzling. Some of those books might become your child's favorites.

But there's much more to it than just the chance to try out books for free. A library is a celebration of books and reading, day in and day out. Taking your child to the library is a way to show her that you aren't the only one who values books. Lots of people, from all sorts of backgrounds, work in and visit the library, and think that books are important. Libraries also have events and read-alouds, programming centered around showing kids that books are fun. Yes, you can (and should!) read books aloud at home. But being surrounded by other kids listening to the same book delivers a powerful message to pre-schoolers. Hearing someone besides Mom or Dad reading books aloud tells kids that literacy is a universal thing. All of this reinforces what you're already doing at home.

You can read more from Jen Robinson on visiting libraries and bookstores, or explore all ten of Jen’s tips for growing bookworms at PBS Parents.

Here are some more tips and activities for before and after your trip.

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Loved this article and the idea of "growing little bookworms." Start young, absolutely. And I'm a huge fan of introducing kids to all the wonders of libraries. I wrote about singing the praises of libraries large and small for an ebook firm called Bookboard.com (they also think libraries are pretty special places and that books aren't broken): http://bookboard.com/blog/2013/04/in-praise-of-libraries-large-and-small/

dianadull@sbcglobal.net on 2013-06-06 15:14:15

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