Couple Celebrates Their 80th Wedding Anniversary

This Nova Scotia couple just recently celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary. Find out their secret to a long and happy marriage.

By Ryan McMahon

Some things are just meant to be together: peanut butter and jelly, cheese and crackers, baseball and hotdogs.

So too are Bill and Dell Johnson, a Nova Scotia couple celebrating their 80th wedding anniversary.

Their story was first reported by CTV.

Bill’s cousin introduced Bill and Dell in 1936. A year later, they tied the knot and haven’t looked back since. Even after eight decades together, it seems the spark hasn’t faded for the Canadian couple.

“He was handsome,” says Dell, describing the first time she met Bill. “She was a beautiful woman in those days and she still is,” Bill says.

Dell's secret to their success is simple: “I guess we just agreed and got along good,” she says.

Bill believes their love for each other helped them make necessary sacrifices. He adds, “She’d do anything for me and I’d do anything for her.”

At 101 and 98 years old, Bill and Dell still impress onlookers with their love. “They go to the dining room, my dad still pulls the chair out for my mom to sit down,” says their daughter Carol.

Even with declining health and a deteriorating memory, Bill and Dell’s love is as fresh and new as the day they said “I do.”

To hear more about their remarkable marriage milestone, watch the video below.




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