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You Should Consider Moving Away From Your Grown Kids

By Phyllis L. Cohen, Next Avenue | Family Matters

Here's why it could be the best thing for you

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5 Simple Ways to Celebrate the Holidays with Family

Family Matters

How to navigate the holiday season and connect with those you cherish most

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What We Wish We Could Say to Our Kids About Their Parenting

By The Editors | Family Matters

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How to Deal with a Critical and Overbearing Parent

By Deb Hipp, Next Avenue | Family Matters

Parental disapproval or lack of support can be rough even when you're 50+

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Can You Love Your Grandchild Too Much?

By Susan Stiffelman | Family Matters

A grandmother worries that she's become fixated on her granddaughter.

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When Families Live Together: A Survival Guide

By Georgia Witkin | Family Matters

Are your kids and grandkids moving in with you? Believe it or not, it's a good thing.

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Could You Live With Your Grandchildren?

By Rebecca Webber | Family Matters

Goodbye, peace and quiet. Hello, hugs and kisses.

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Gifts Without Rifts

By by Rebecca Webber | Family Matters

When parents dictate what you can or can't buy for your grandchildren, it doesn't have to take the fun out of your holidays.

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Grandparent vs. Grandparent

By Geoff Williams | Family Matters

During the holidays, it's tempting to try to prove that the kids love you best.

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My Grandchildren's Parents Are Jealous of Us

By Susan Stiffelman | Family Matters

Grandkids never want to leave this couple's home, and that upsets the parents

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