6 Family Behaviors That are Totally Dysfunctional

It’s ok if your picture perfect family suffers occasional dysfunction, but prepare yourself to deal with it productively.

By Caila Ball
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RoseRed135 on 2017-11-07 09:11:22

Peaches463: bedtime prayer books are personal. Even though the family celebrates the same religion, individual and family traditions may not coincide with exactly as the "grand"parents do. My mother was raised very religious, but didn't do devotionals with myself or my sister growing up. She rarely prayed with us and sporatically took us to church. She has bought my children a daily.devotional book that we've had for several years and not once opened it. Don't be so harsh on your DIL. My kids enjoy kid Bibles way better than devotional booksdid appreciation the spirit in which it was given, we just found it not to be our style and it wasn't used. Still isn't. Again, religious family customs are very personal, like under ware. You wouldn't buy your DIL a bra would you? You made the best decision by keeping it at your house and start your own custom with your grandkids.

yvonnemac05@gmail.com on 2015-02-22 02:01:20

This past weekend my husband and I went together with our son and DIL to conduct a garage sale. My DIL had placed a book I had purchased for my granddaughter for Easter on the garage sale. It was a bedtime prayer book for children. My DIL or son was not around when I purchased it back to keep at my house. I feel every right to feel hurt. I realize that it was my DIL's right to sell it since once a gift is given, it is her right to do with what she pleases. I shouldn't be surprised by this. I've been hurt a lot since they've been married but come on now, a bedtime prayer book! Any help would be appreciated!!

peaches463 on 2014-05-24 16:58:03

the next button doesn't work, any tips for how to read the rest of the article?

walkelin on 2014-02-08 10:43:19

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