10 Things That Should Worry Parents

Families today have lots of issues to deal with, starting with these..

By Barbara Graham
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I have read this article and agree with most of it, however, being 64 years old I still say that a little "pop" on the backside of a diapered toddler never hurt anybody. Most of them are still in diapers and it's the noise that startles them. FEAR is the root of respect. I've raised my own two children and a granddaughter and NONE of them have broken spirits. They are all respectful and productive individuals. The children are cautioned so often these day about abuse in the schools,that many of them think that they are the ones in control. They will have a hard lesson to learn when they get out in the "real" world.

retiredmaillady on 2013-04-23 09:44:37

Wonderful article to review points to think about...like taking vitamins to keep the memory fresh that parenting in the "School of Life" as Tony Dungy's analogy to a football team in his book THE UNCOMMON LIFE needs to go back to the basics of drill after losing a tough game.

dougpyle@verizon.net on 2013-04-23 09:23:36

Many good points. One left out. Helping them to use correct grammar. My grandchildren are not chickens. They do not need time to "LAY" in the yard. They might, however, want to rest or LIE in the grass to watch the clouds.

ejtred@gmail.com on 2013-04-23 08:38:07

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