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7 Worst Things to Say to A Friend on a Diet

By Sally Stich | Friendship

You may mean well, but these comments are almost certain to derail your loved one's efforts to lose weight.

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The Two Words You Should Never Say to a Friend

By Ellen Breslau | Friendship

These seemingly harmless utterings can send the message that you're just not that interested in being friends anymore

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7 Hallmarks of a Manipulative Friend

By Cari Wira Dineen | Friendship

If it feels like you’re always giving—and she's always taking—read this.

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7 Ways to Get the Emotional Support You Need from Friends

By Jackie Dishner | Friendship

How to help your friends help you when you need it most.

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How to Cope with the Death of a Friend

By Sally Stich | Friendship

Getting older means not just parents pass away, but contemporaries too, which can be a huge loss in your life.

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How to Find an Old Friend

By Bev Beckham | Friendship

Columnist Bev Beckham set out to track down her high school buddy, and came up with a practical guide for anyone looking for a friend, relative or just someone you're curious about from your past.

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How to Help a Sick Friend

By Andrea Atkins | Friendship

5 dos and don'ts to comfort a friend who is ill. What you consider helpful may actually be hurtful.

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7 Friends You'd Be Better Off Without

By Sally Stich | Friendship

Ending a friendship—especially a long one—is never easy. But friends aren’t really friends if they act like this.

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5 Friends Every Grandparent Needs

By Denise Schipani | Friendship

From the friend who knows the grandparenting ropes, to the one who makes you stick to your exercise routine, surround yourself with this friendship posse.

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Competitive Grandparenting

By Beth Levine | Friendship

Welcome to the world of “My grandchild is more gifted than yours…”

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