Celebrity Grandparent Names

We know these popular celebrities by their stage names and starring roles, but their grandkids call them by a different name.

celebrity grandparent names
Blythe Danner
Lalo (wanted "Wolf")

Debbie Reynolds
Aba Daba

Donald Trump
Mr. Trump

Goldie Hawn
Glam-ma (son's kids) and Gogo (daughter's kids)

Jane Fonda

Joan Rivers
Grammy/Nana New Face

Lionel Richie

Martha Stewart
Martin Sheen

Naomi Judd

Patty Duke

Priscilla Presley

Robert Wagner

Sally Field

Sharon Osbourne

Suzanne Sommers


Donald Trump: Mr. Trump? What an egotistical jerk.

The B on 2014-03-30 17:56:37

I chose "Mame" as my grandma name...I'm so NOT a regular grandma. My husband chose "Mac" from his Scottish roots in Clan MacMillan. None of the 6 g-kids batted an eye over it. When I volunteer in their classrooms the whole class usually calls me "Miss Mame".

ltippett70@yahoo.com on 2013-10-03 13:08:36

As a child, I referred to my grandparents as Grandmother and Granddaddy. If I needed to indicate which one, I simply added their last name. I thought I would be called Grandmother also. When my first grandson arrived, that is the way I referred to my self to the baby as well as to others. When he first started talking, he was calling his mother mommy and calling me the same thing. At some point, in his mind, I became Grand mommy. It sounded so sweet that I was thrilled he had found his own name for me. Now he's four and never calls me anything else. His two year old brother calls me Grand; time will tell if he ever adds the mommy.

momajo51@yahoo.com on 2013-03-06 01:24:51

I have 10 grandchildren and all of them call me "Mama Yiya". I love too much all my grandchildren.

brigy on 2013-03-04 19:13:57

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