How I Got My Grandparent Name

Sometimes the best name you are given in life is the one you least expect

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You don't always get to choose your grandparent name; sometimes it chooses you. Here are some of our favorite grandparent stories about how their grandchildren chose names for them. They are often hilarious and always beloved. Do you have a story to share about being annointed by your grandchildren? Share it in the Comments section below!

I always thought I would be just grandma but my granddaughter started calling me Bebe (pronounced Bay-bay) and I wouldn't change it for the world now! — Bebebob

I read my grandson a Winnie the Pooh story, which said Eeyore was "gloomy." He thought the word was hilarious, so he called me Goomi, instead of Omi. — Goomi

My oldest grandson started calling me Pama when he was about 1 1/2. Now EVERYONE calls me Pama. Can't think of a better thing to be than a Pama. I love being a grandmother. — pamakat

My Grandchild calls me Bau Ba after his bottle. — ladonnajr

Am I the only Momo (rhymes with yo-yo)in the world? He named me; I had no choice. But the first time he uttered the word, I melted! — MomoG

My granddaughter calls me Maw and my husband Paw! We love it! We sound like the Waltons at bedtime: "Nite Maw ... Nite Paw." — nyterry

My granddaughter calls me Oowah. When she would come to the house she would want me to play the Laurie Burkner song Walk Along the River. She would say to me "oowah" (words repeated in that song) and the name stuck for me. I don't think that name can be found on any list. — harchuba

When my oldest grandson was 18 months old, my daughter was trying to get him to say Grama Kathy. He tried and tried, but that was a mouthful for the little guy! One day he grinned at me and said, "APPY!" I have been Appy ever since! — HappyAppy

My grandkids call me Bebop. I have no idea why. It started with Patrick and now all 12 call me that. — bebop1958

All my step grandchildren call me Grandma Smurf. I am under five feet tall and my favorite color is blue. I thought this was really creative, and it made me feel special and loved. — gmasmurf

Our grandchildren distinguished their grandmothers by the names of their dogs. They called them Grandma Shotzy and Grandma Snowflake. — KathleenE

My son started my granddaughters calling me "Grandma Rosie." I only have one good friend that is allowed to call me Rosie with affection. Otherwise, it's a name I detest. However, I love hearing my grandkids calling me by this special name. — GrandmaRosie

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When, at the age of 42, I received the joyful news that my eldest child and only daughter had just learned that she, too, would soon be a mom, my next thought was "A GRANDMA"??? I was about as far from the stereotype as one could be! A single mom with 3 sons still at home, the 2 youngest in elementary school (!), I was enjoying my super-busy & active life as a culinary school student and a serious body-builder along with being a full-time mom (& dad) to my 21-year-old daughter and her 4 younger brothers. The thought of being called "Grandma", "Nana", or any other "archaic"-sounding title was not exactly thrilling.
Happily, my grandchild-to-be's paternal grandmother came up with a name I totally loved and continue to be known as, 17 years and 7 grandchildren later: "Mama J" (the J is for my name, Janet).
P.S. After 6 grandsons, my very first grandDAUGHTER arrived on April 19. 2014, just in time to celebrate her first Easter! Baby Olivia is the daughter of my youngest child, who was also the last to finally become a daddy. She is beautiful and we are all thrilled!
May God bless all of you at* Janet Branco, aka Mama J on 2014-04-22 11:47:25

I was going to be called Mia...I had picked the name and liked it. My grandson, however, never said Mia once even though his parents and I used it constantly. He began saying Mommy, Daddy , PopPop but nothing for me, the grandmother. One day he just used my real name Kathy and that is what stuck. He and his younger brother both call me Kathy...I enjoy it.

kmniemiec2 on 2013-03-29 10:15:32

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