Amazing Amputee Grandmother Makes Personalized Dolls for Amputee Children

This 56 year old has a big heart and swift hands, and she's using them to spread joy to kids across the UK.

By The Editors

Andrea Harrison, 56, lost her right leg to Type 1 diabetes years ago and had long since adjusted to life without it. Harrison was scrolling through the Amputee Friends UK Facebook group when she came across a post about 8-year-old Ffion, who was having trouble with activities in school because of her amputated leg. Harrison knew she wanted to help.

Harrison crotcheted a special doll with an amputated leg for Ffion.

“Even though I had never met the little girl, this really pulled on my heart-strings,” Harrison told North News. “I wanted to make her a doll that would be just like her.”

After Harrison sent Ffion the doll (with an okay from her mom), their posts received a lot of attention in the Facebook group and doll orders for other children started pouring in.

“I started doing them for children with a range of amputations -- or dolls of parents with amputations to help them understand more about their mummies or daddies,” Harrison said.

Harrison, a former teaching assistant who helped children with different abilities, is touched by the reaction from the children receiving her dolls.

“It’s something they can relate to. I just love how happy my dolls make people.”

Click here for more photos of Andrea Harrison’s amazing dolls and the happy children who received them.


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