Cancer Patient Receives New Car After Hers Was Stolen

After Kate Barnett’s car was stolen, she was devastated. But a stranger’s act of kindness in her time of need brought a smile to her face.

By Ryan McMahon

A cancer patient is all smiles after having one of the worst Mondays imaginable.

Kate Barnett of Lynn, Massachusetts was out shopping Monday morning when she returned to her car - but the car was no longer there.

After looking all over the parking lot, Barnett realized that her car, with her wallet and wheelchair inside, had been stolen. With mounting medical bills, Barnett knew she wouldn’t be able to afford a new car.

She made a tearful plea to the thieves on the news, begging them to return her car. She promised not to press charges.

The robbers may not have heard her plea, but others did. Brian Kelly, the president of Kelly Auto Group was one of many who volunteered to help.

Kelly gathered an assortment of cars and told Barnett to pick one that she liked. After a really tough day, Barnett was smiling from ear to ear as she drove away in her new Nissan.

You can see her story here.

H/T: CBS Boston.




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