Illinois Teacher Stops School Shooter

A teacher in Illinois was hailed as a hero after she thwarted a school shooter.

By Ryan McMahon

A teacher in Illinois was hailed as a hero after she thwarted a school shooter in the cafeteria. CBS News first shared the story here.

Angela McQueen of Mattoon High School was supervising lunch when a student entered the cafeteria and open fire.

That’s when McQueen's instincts kicked in. She rushed the student and wrestled the gun away. Now students and school officials are thanking McQueen after everyone escaped alive and the suspect is in custody.

“If that teacher had not responded as quickly as they had, I think the situation would’ve been a lot different,” said Mattoon police chief Jeff Branson.

After McQueen stopped the shooter, she continued to check on others, ensuring the safety of her students.

“She was walking around and making sure everything was okay. And I went up and gave her a hug and thanked her because she could have – that could have been a lot worse and she made it to where it wasn’t,” said student Anna Morton.

Although one student was shot twice and another was grazed by a bullet, thanks to McQueen's heroic actions, there were no major injuries.

You can watch her story below.



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