8 Things to Know When You’re Over 60

With the big six-oh finally in the rearview mirror, here's what you can look forward to.

By Sally Stich
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So very sorry to hear about your elderly parent's health problems, Rosadolly, and that such a heavy responsibility has fallen on you and your husband. It sounds like you are both very brave, loving people. But I know this job must not be easy. (((Hugs!)))

I invite you to come and talk with us about your situation in the Community, especially in the forum called, "Empty Nest No Longer." In fact, I've just opened a discussion thread there entitled, "Caring for Aging Parents: How are you coping?" Just click on Community at the very top or bottom of this page and you'll find the ENNL forum right on top of the Index that you'll see there.

rosered135 on 2016-01-09 23:56:33

Tell me, we were supposed to be empty nesters. But my husband and I are taking care of my parents on our home and they are getting close to their 90s. and with a lot of health problems.

Rosadolly on 2016-01-05 22:56:21

Some very good advice here, in my opinion. But not all of it fits everybody over 60. For example, item number 3 may not be so true for those over-60s who take frequent care of their grandchildren, especially those who are actually raising them (unless they find and get together with other grandparents in the same boat). And number 8 is not likely to be as true for that group of GPs either. Again, especially not the ones who are raising the kids. Same, I suppose, for those over-60s who still have teenagers at home.

Also, while I found number 5 quite intriguing and am sure many women would opt for it, I know other women who feel that at this stage of life, they no longer have to focus so much on their appearance. As long as they're neat and reasonably attractive, they feel they are good to go. Such women might not care to concern themselves with earrings, let alone reopening holes that have closed or getting their ears pierced for the first time.

But overall, I enjoyed this article.

rosered135 on 2016-01-05 02:32:06

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