5 Biggest Mother-in-Law Mistakes

What your daughter-in-law really wishes you wouldn’t do—and advice to make both of you happy.

By Andrea Atkins
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I recieved an email in my inbox with a title "5 mistakes you're making as a mother in law" - What an awful title. And what an unpleasant declaration to see in my inbox. Mothers in laws get so much bad press as it is. Especially shown in the worst light possible in films & Television. AND mothers in laws are often made fun of & the butt of jokes. Rarely have I seen Mothers in laws shown as kind, caring, supportive & interesting human beings. I looked at the 5 "mistakes" that your article stated I was doing. I don't do any of them, however, I have had big servings of heartbreak that I just keep to myself & carry on loving my family.

heresnancy2010@yahoo.com on 2017-04-01 23:23:08

I have a controlling DIL. I have played her game for years . I buy her nice gifts at Christmas, B Days even Mothers Day. She give me what ever mark down she can find. She has rude mouth. Often voices her opinion about my husband tells us what we should be doing. She hates everyone in our family and has made that clear.
She has always told us what to buy the kids for Christmas and B-Days and complains we don't take the kids enough. When I have tried always an excuse that either shes doing something with them or her mom is. You know one child is grown the other is 13 and sorry to say I'm ready to give up.
I was ill last year they could only come and visit me at home for about 5 min.
Shortly after her and my son were married she told me off and she just recently did it again through an email., they have been together for 20 years.
I'm thinking the DIL's are the crazy ones, at least mine is.

tlk2clyn@aol.com on 2017-03-31 14:24:04

I absolutely can not stand my daughter in law. Everything is about her. I walk on egg shells around her. I am so afraid to say anything because she might get a fended. When you do that she takes the kids away from you. The kids are just pawns in her little game. I am so sick of the pity party. He gram warned me that she would do this because she does it to her. What do you do about a manipulating witch.

deneane@sbcglobal.net on 2017-03-30 12:46:17

None of these have applied to us. My DIL and I have a wonderful relationship.

thbear59@hotmail.com on 2017-03-30 09:05:32

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