Happy Mother-in-Law Day!

Grandparents.com salutes all the special grandmothers who are in-laws, too

By The Editors

Bet you didn't know this holiday existed! But it does, and since 2002, on the fourth Sunday of October, families have celebrated Mother-in-Law Day. (We're sure that its proximity on the calendar to Halloween is completely coincidental.) A lot of jokes have been written about mothers-in-law, but many couples rely on you — their "other mothers" — for child care, holiday meals, and even financial support — so after 364 days of being taken for granted by your sons- and daughters-in-law, you deserve at least one day of celebration.

In honor of your special day, Grandparents.com presents the best of our features on life as a mother-in-law (and grandmother).

Enjoy your day!

How To Get Along With Your Son-in-Law
With these five tips from the experts, it just might be possible

How To Get Along With Your Daughter-in-Law
To get closer to your grandchildren, solve your daughter-in-law problems

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10 Things Your Daughter-in-Law Won't Tell You

Are you sitting down? Here's what the moms really want you to know.

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The 6 Things You Should Never Say

Why you should think twice before you say, well, almost anything

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Speak Up for Your Grandkids!

When you see things you know are wrong, don't hold your tongue

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Mommy Bloggers Sound Off

They love you, but they've got some issues

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On Video: Real Moms Talking About You

We asked some mothers to reveal their feelings about their mothers-in-law, and to give grandmothers some advice.

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Are You the Left-Out Grandparent?

The close bond between new moms and their mothers can leave the "other grandmother" out

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Feel Left Out? You're Not Alone

Author Barbara Graham returns to a subject that affects so many grandparents: feeling left out

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Grandma vs. Grandma: The Movie

The guys who created the Harold & Kumar films turn to a comedy about ... you

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