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Illinois Teacher Stops School Shooter

By Ryan McMahon | Inspiring Stories & Wisdoms

A teacher in Illinois was hailed as a hero after she thwarted a school shooter.

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Volunteer 'NICU Grandpa' An Angel to Babies and Parents Alike

By The Editors | Inspiring Stories & Wisdoms

This Atlanta volunteer brings comfort to both premature babies and worried parents.

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Bride Honors Grandmother By Wearing Her 55-Year-Old Wedding Dress

By The Editors | Inspiring Stories & Wisdoms

An heirloom wedding dress revealed at a photoshoot brings this 74-year-old grandmother to tears.

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Couple Celebrates Their 80th Wedding Anniversary

By Ryan McMahon | Dating & Marriage & Sex

This Nova Scotia couple just recently celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary. Find out their secret to a long and happy marriage.

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How to Deal with a Critical and Overbearing Parent

By Deb Hipp, Next Avenue | Family Matters

Parental disapproval or lack of support can be rough even when you're 50+

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Grandparents Make All the Difference for Traumatized Kids

By Sally Abrahms, Next Avenue | Caring For Children

A new report shows the powerful impact of living with loving relatives

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What Makes a Marriage Work

By Marc Silver, Next Avenue | Dating & Marriage & Sex

My colleagues' words of wisdom actually were pretty wise (and lasting)

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Can You Love Your Grandchild Too Much?

By Susan Stiffelman | Family Matters

A grandmother worries that she's become fixated on her granddaughter.

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When Families Live Together: A Survival Guide

By Georgia Witkin | Family Matters

Are your kids and grandkids moving in with you? Believe it or not, it's a good thing.

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The Other Side of Grandparenting

By Kathleen Curtis Wilson | Caring For Children

We love being grandparents, but we're also honest with one another about the challenges of the role

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